With over 3,500 drive-ins across America, we know that each state does SONIC a little differently.

That’s why, when we decided to make SONIC Swag we didn’t just make one design for everyone, we made 46 designs, one for each state with a SONIC, whether that’s Texas with over 900 drive-ins, or Delaware with just 1.

Each design has been hand-drawn by Detroit based sign painter Kelly Golden in her iconic Americana style.

The shirts are made in North Carolina from high-quality 100% cotton. 

Each one is screen printed and mailed to you from the great state of Georgia. 

And thanks to the SONIC Foundation’s proud partnership with No Kid Hungry, $1 from each t-shirt* sold will help fight childhood hunger. $1 can provide up to 10 meals for kids in need.**

We hope you love your local SONIC Swag as much as you love your local SONIC. 

*Valid beginning March 22, 2021 while supplies last. All proceeds benefit the SONIC Foundation, a division of the Inspire Brands Foundation.
**Meal equivalency varies during COVID-19 relief. Learn more at NoKidHungry.org/OneDollar